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Product Development Process

At Corintech, the start of every design project consists of ensuring we have a complete understanding of your requirements and have developed a robust, agreed design specification. This can be straightforward but often requires one or more face-to-face meetings. This process helps us to provide you with an accurate quotation and enables you to meet us, work with us and decide whether we are the right design partner for your project.

With this design specification we are able to generate a reliable quotation, with no hidden costs, and an accurate project timescale in the product design proposal.

We are always happy to undertake feasibility and research projects and will quote for this stage of a project separately if required. A feasibility study is a good way to understand whether your goals are achievable and can give the confidence to invest further in your design project.

Concept Design
Work with us to compile aesthetic guidelines including existing product examples, materials, finishes, textures and colours. We'll then provide you with a selection of sketch, rendered or 3D modelling concepts along with advice on potential cost and mechanical assembly.

Circuit Design
Our engineering team uses Pulsonix or Altium to undertake electronic circuit design / schematic capture. Schematics are carefully reviewed against the design specification before proceeding to PCB layout.

Mechanical Design
Decades of combined experience in product design and manufacture make us the ideal partner to undertake detailed mechanical design using the latest SOLIDWORKS design software.

PCB Layout
In parallel with mechanical design, our engineers apply decades of experience in producing optimally designed PCB layout files using Pulsonix or Altium.

With leading-edge on-site PCB assembly equipment and 3D printing, we can easily produce fast turn-around prototypes for test and verification throughout the design process.

Design for Manufacture
Our considerable experience of manufacturing processes is vital to ensure successful and timely product development process as well as design project outcomes, lowest-cost production and consistently high-quality.

With years of experience in electronic design and on-site facilities to undertake pre-compliance EMC testing, the team at Corintech are ideally placed to guide you through the electronic product approval process.


Although verification is integral to each stage of the design process, we'll always undertake a complete product verification against the original specification before a product is released for production.

We always recommend applying a careful ramp-up in production quantities. Production issues discovered early on small batches can save significant resource later down the line.

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Call us now on +44 (0)1425 655655. Our experienced team are on hand to discuss your requirements and provide expert advice.

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