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Thick Film Circuit Boards

Corintech has been a leading specialist in the design and manufacture of Thick Film circuit board microelectronic assemblies since 1977.

Thick Film Hybrids are ideal for environments where a high level of reliability is needed as they can withstand a much wider temperature range and have higher durability than conventional PCB assemblies

Thick Film technology is usually used in aerospace, defence and automotive applications, however its durable and reliable nature are starting to appeal to a broader market. As a well experience company in this ever-increasing technology, we are the perfect partner to develop and manufacture Thick Film circuit boards to suit any application. 

Thick Film Hybrid circuits are made using a print & fire (P+F) technique. This involves a combination of multi-layer screen printing of precious and semi-precious metals (Au, Ag, Pd) as well as the firing of tracks and precision resistors onto a range of ceramic and metal substrates. Surface mount components and bare die components with wire bonding can also be incorporated, and optional full encapsulation provides greater protection from wearing. The use of different pastes allow the production of conductive tracks as well as resistors, which can be custom specified and then laser-trimmed to a high level of accuracy, offering exact choice of value so that no compromise in design is necessary.

Ceramic substrates provide a number of key advantages over standard FR4 based PCBs. One of the primary advantages is their thermal conductivity. At Corintech, we use Aluminium Oxide (Alumina) which offers an increase in thermal conductivity of approximately 20 times that of FR4, and Aluminium Nitride which offers an increase of approximately 100 times. 

Another advantage of ceramic substrates is that they offer extremely low thermal expansion properties. This makes them ideal for use in harsh environments where extremes of temperature are likely. The combination of low thermal expansion and high thermal conductivity ensures that not only is thermal expansion limited, but it is also evenly spread across the board, limiting large amounts of stress to be exerted in specific areas.

Our skilled team of engineers can assist you in determining the potential of utilising Thick Film technology within your designs.

Here are just a few benefits offered by Thick Film Hybrid Circuits:

  • High reliability for harsh environment applications
  • Flexibility to choose precise resistor values with active laser trimming
  • High Voltage (HV) resistors
  • Extended temperature range performance
  • Improved thermal management with thermally conductive substrates
  • Excellent high-frequency performance
  • Low start-up costs and fast lead-time to prototype

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