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Component Sourcing

With over 40 years’ experience in electronics manufacturing, we know how to utilise our procurement capabilities to best suit our customers’ unique project needs.

Our team will collaborate closely with our customers. We can take full management of the procurement process, work to specific requirements, or work with components free-issued by our customers themselves.

Our engineers and buyers will meticulously review your bill of materials (BOM) at the beginning of the purchasing process and apply expertise in the following areas:

Global Procurement and Low-Cost Sourcing

We understand that low-cost component sourcing is fundamental to offering our customers the lowest possible cost to manufacture. Using our global purchasing teams in the UK, the Far East and the USA, we are able to obtain the lowest prices in the global marketplace. Our global network of suppliers also enables us to track down components that are often hard to source.

Full Traceability

We operate full supply chain management, only purchasing from franchised distributors, or with the component manufacturers directly. This ensures that we attain the best opportunities and optimal price points, all suppliers are trusted and reliable, and the procurement process is fully-traceable.

High Quality

Component counterfeiting is a serious risk to the manufacture of electronics goods. As such, we have strict processes and criteria in place that govern our procurement and consequently nullify this risk for our customers. We will only purchase components from our approved list of suppliers (original manufacturers, or official distributors), and all components will be subject to a thorough incoming goods inspection as well as continuous testing throughout production. We are an AS9100 and ISO9001 accredited manufacturer. Therefore all of our customers are assured a high quality end product.

Rapid Turnaround

We have the capacity to hold high levels of component stock to ensure that a rapid response and truly flexible supply chain can be offered to customers.

Obsolescence Management

Our expert engineers will review any accessibility issues when costing your bill of materials. In the case that any components have a high risk of obsolescence, we have the engineering expertise and global sourcing network necessary to recommend alternative components, or design alternative solutions. See our editorial ‘Re-Engineering Obsolete Designs’ (PAGE 19) for further information on this topic. This capability can potentially save our customers extensive time and financial resources invested in developing a product that will potentially become difficult to manufacture after a short period.


Contact our customer support team to discuss how our global procurement services can benefit your business.

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