PCB Assembly

PCB AssemblyCorintech prides itself on high quality and competitive PCB assembly services. Established in 1977, our strengths lie in our ability to achieve the lowest cost possible, the highest level of quality and a service level second to none. We remain on the cutting edge of technology by continually investing in new hardware and have a strong reputation for delivering quality products using all manner of electronic assembly processes including:


     •  Pick and place of surface mount components down to 01005 and uBGAs
     •  Conventional through hole soldering
     •  FR4, T-clad, steel and ceramic substrates
     •  Serialisation and bar coding
     •  Conformal coating and encapsulation
     •  ISO9001 and AS9100 accreditation
     •  Inspection carried out to IPC-A-610 level 3


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