Corintech RAPID

PCB Assembly Prototyping Service, Whatever Your Requirements

Corintech offer a premium UK based PCBA prototyping service.

We understand the importance of prototyping before committing to ongoing manufacture. Corintech RAPID is a premium PCB assembly prototyping service, with an 'as fast as possible' turnaround time. With complex SMT capability, IPC Class 3 production quality standards and a customer-focused team, Corintech RAPID is a PCB Assembly prototyping service unrivalled in quality and are happy to adapt to any requirements. 

Tel: +44 (0) 1425 RAPID


Quality Prototyping

Corintech have the manufacturing capability to produce high-quality electronic assemblies exceeding the standards our customers expect, but in rapid turnaround time to suit your company’s demands.

Global Procurement Abilities

At Corintech our procurement teams work together when sourcing all manner of components, ensuring the best prices on the worldwide market are attained. 

Quality Assurance Every Time

Globally recognised industry standards are in place at all of Corintech’s manufacturing facilities, meaning our customers trust that their products will exceed expectations.