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Partner Organisations


Corintech is part of the Larasian Group, a group of technology companies, based in the UK's New Forest but with a global reach. The group employs over 200 staff across five locations and has numerous positions in Engineering, Marketing, Sales, Purchasing and Finance. 


FilesThruTheAir is a brand of Corintech’s that creates and sells wireless data loggers and environmental monitors to suit a wide range of industries and applications. These products provide powerful data collection and analysis that can measure temperature and humidity using a variety of probe and accuracy options, with data accessed remotely via the in-built Cloud system.

Lascar Electronics

Lascar Electronics is the sister company of Corintech and a leading provider of digital panel instruments and data loggers to a wide range of industries including food production, pharmaceutical, museums, facilities management, automotive and research. Their specialist ranges include the GFX and USB Loggers, and PanelPilot Display platform.

Corporate Responsibility

The Regal Cinema 

A small, art deco style 30 seater cinema, The Regal Cinema was rennovated and reopened to the community in 2017 with the help of Corintech. Originally operating as a cinema in the small village of Fordingbridge, Hampshire from 1933 to 1965, the site had been vacant for 4 years before being rennovated by Corintech's owner and reestablished in the community.

Trade Aid

Trade Aid is a small UK charity operating in Mikindani, Southern Tanzania, supported by Corintech. It aims to work with the people of Tanzania to create sustainable employment by providing vocational hospitality training and teaching English. The organisation also encourages local enterprise and supports the community in the conservation of historic buildings. Trade Aid’s activities in Mikindani revolve around three key areas: education, environment and enterprise.

Their primary project is The Old Boma Vocational training Hotel which trains 40 unemployed young people per year in hospitality and job skills, with around 90% of their students go on to further training or employment, often for the first time. One of the key aims of the project is sustainability: supporting conservation projects, education and enterprise to help locals gain employment and run businesses that utilise the natural and cultural resources in Tanzania.

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A Larasian Group Company

Corintech is part of the Larasian group.  A global group of companies, innovating, manufacturing and supplying technology-driven products globally, Larasian's companies and brands supply leading-edge electronic products to a wide array of market sectors.