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Editorial: Let Your CEM Take the Strain

Corintech were recently asked to feature in Electronics Sourcing, to discuss how events of the past twelve months have impacted the supply of components worldwide. Click here and turn to page 30 to read the full article.

Component procurement is one the most important steps in the electronic manufacturing process, ultimately playing a key role in determining the project’s cost, lead time and overall quality.

The electronic component supply chain is currently experiencing significant disruption due to the socio-economic impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. With global vaccine programmes now underway, and a return to ‘normality’ in sight, demand for certain components, such as semiconductors, has ramped up. Some components are now seeing demand outpace manufacturing capacity, resulting in prices and lead times increasing dramatically (some manufacturers are quoting lead-times exceeding fifty-two weeks).

In times of uncertainty, choosing to outsource manufacture to a CEM with a strong supply chain and in-house engineering expertise can help to mitigate the risks associated with component supply and pricing volatility. The right CEM, particularly one that is AS9100 accredited, should have strict measures in place that govern its procurement processes to avoid counterfeit components entering the supply chain.

Our feature in the latest issue of Electronics Sourcing magazine discusses Covid-19’s impacts on global semiconductor availability, and how choosing the right CEM can simplify your supply chain and help navigate the storm.

To read the full article for FREE, turn to page 30 in this month's Electronics Sourcing magazine.

With over 40 years’ experience in electronics manufacturing, Corintech's global purchasing teams in the UK, the Far East and the USA are on hand to support your project's requirements. Contact the team today to discuss how to utilise our procurement capabilities to best meet your project's needs.

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