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Gain Competitive Advantage by Choosing the Right CEM

Corintech Ltd Customer Support

We explain the reasons behind Corintech's consistent growth in the global electronics industry.

A good working relationship with your CEM can provide you with a highly-reliable supply chain. This usually goes unnoticed until something goes wrong, and your project suffers a setback as a result of supplier delays or quality issues. For over 40 years, Corintech has maintained an extraordinary customer retention rate. While we are an AS9100 accredited manufacturer with extensive technical resources, much of the success can be credited to our customer service strategy.

One Point of Contact

Businesses often look for a CEM with a large number of knowledgeable individuals who can all impact upon their project. This is a great way to ensure that your CEM can add value, but you might need to consider the effect that this has on communication. Trying to coordinate processes involving many different individuals, liaising with the right specialists at the right time, and ensuring that all stakeholders are kept up-to-date, can be frustrating, time-consuming, and lead to needless mistakes if not handled effectively.

This is why we assign every customer a dedicated account manager. Having a specific contact speeds up the correspondence between companies and helps to build a solid working relationship. Your account manager can then organise and utilise all of Corintech’s in-house expertise.

Adding Value During Product Design

Once you have a single point of contact established for streamlined communication, it’s vitally important that your account manager has a broad range of technical expertise behind them to provide you with the best and most flexible service possible.

Tim Waterman is Corintech’s Technical Director, with over 35 years’ experience designing electronic products for a variety of high-tech industries, he explains, “I work with the Design Engineering team every day because this is where my experience has the greatest impact, and where I can make the key decisions to ensure that we deliver products that surpass our customers’ expectations.”

Corintech’s customer service strategy is designed to optimise input from our electronics experts such as Tim, ensuring that you work with the engineers who can add the most value to your project.

Improved product functionality, lower costs, obsolescence management, shorter time to production and increased manufacturing efficiency are just a few of the competitive advantages that your dedicated account manager can implement using Corintech’s in-house expertise.

Reliable Manufacturing

Throughout manufacturing stages, a CEM without a focus on clear and timely customer communication could reduce your business’ competitiveness. Poor communication can result in significant quality issues or late delivery of products, putting your whole production chain behind schedule, and causing costly setbacks. Logistical support, fast problem resolution and progress updates are just a few benefits that a single account manager can provide for a customer throughout the production of their product.

"Quality and on-time delivery of products sit at the forefront of Corintech’s strategy. Using a structured, process approach, we ensure our quality management system continually monitors and improves our processes and procedures throughout the organisation. With full support from all departments, we are able to provide world-class quality products on time, in full." - Jack Dayeh (Operations Manager)

Competitive Advantage

When your communication with a CEM is streamlined, you can bring a product to market, fix design flaws and respond to market trends faster than your competitors. Furthermore, if you employ a CEM with a wide range of specialist industry experience, this will convert to competitive pricing and high reliability throughout production stages.

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