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Increasing our Capacity with The ASM Automatic Wire Bonder

Increasing our Capacity with The ASM Automatic Wire Bonder

Being one of only a few companies in the UK with Thick Film Hybrid Microelectronic capabilities, and offering surface mount on T-Clad, steel or  ceramic; at Corintech our customers from the aerospace, defence and oil & gas industries rely on us for this specific technology. Therefore the installation of the ASM Pacific AB350 Auto Wire Ball Bonder has been a real investment for improved performance. 

The overall precision of the Wire Bonder, along with its fully-automatic, thermosonic, high-speed ball-and-stitch gold bumper results in high-yield processing and is suitable for many aspects of  component assembly, including complex hybrids and high-reliability devices.


We're are able to produce rapid turnaround and precision engineered products due to the advanced features, speed and intelligent interface of specialised equipment. The Thermosonic bonding method is able to bond 20 wires per second with high accuracy using gold or aluminium on ceramic, glass or aluminium substrates.

This is a highly beneficial addition to our UK facility based in Hampshire and retains the ideals of quality, performance and reliability that Corintech firmly believes in.

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