Far East Electronics Manufacturing

Far_East_PCB AssemblyFrom our offices in Hong Kong, Corintech manages Far Eastern high-volume electronics manufacturing and quality whilst our team of purchasers and logistics experts ensure lowest prices and consistent on-time delivery are achieved. Your point of contact remains local with a dedicated UK accounts holder on hand to manage your orders and stock levels.


By maintaining the same quality processes throughout the supply chain and having vigorous QA inspections at each stage, you can take advantage of Far Eastern high volume production without compromising on quality or service. Our dedicated Quality team in the Hong Kong office are trained to IPC 610 class 3 inspection standards. Through established relationships and regular auditing practices with our Far Eastern suppliers, we ensure all components used are of the highest quality and come with full traceability back to the manufacturer.

You can rest assured that we will deliver a product with quality and reliability you can trust.


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