Corintech Service

Corintech was founded in 1977 as a family-run business and has successfully grown, now possessing valuable assets and global capabilities. With long-term partnerships combined with owning facilities in the UK and in the Far East, we’re able to offer large-scale manufacturing and pricing without neglecting the foundations on which our success has grown - the personable, responsive service that you get from a privately owned company.

We strongly believe that our unique selling point is the service we provide. Our design and manufacturing abilities are vast but we know you also expect expert advice, friendly communication and helpful support.

Meet the Project Team

Martin Skinner, Team Manager

"With a commitment to investing in new technology and automation; continuous improvement is core to all of our processes. This allows us to remain competitive while offering world-class service and quality levels." 01425 651115

Julia Cotton, Customer Manager

“We know our customers have high expectations; requiring quality product at a competitive price and delivered on time. We aim to surpass this by offering a professional and friendly service with a single point of contact and access to a multidisciplinary team.”  01425 651122

James Ord, Technical Sales Engineer

“I’m lucky to work with proactive, accomplished and enthusiastic colleagues, meaning we can take on some exciting projects. This in turn has a very positive effect on our customers.” 01425 651158

Emma Edwards, Sales Coordinator

"Corintech, as a whole, is a team dedicated to excellent service. Our service is reflective of what we expect customer service to be and we always aim to exceed your expectations." 01425 651131

Vivienne Hemsley, Sales Coordinator

“We place a real emphasis on developing close and effective working relationships with customers. You will benefit from dedicated points of contact with friendly and committed staff, which enables us to supply the attention to detail, quick responses and tailored solutions in order to truly meet your requirements." 01425 651118

Dave Sillar, Design Engineer

“We have a really innovative team here at Corintech; however big or small the projects, we always find solutions and deliver top quality products.” 01425 651133

What do we do?

However large or small your project, we will aim to exceed your expectations. You will have opportunities to speak with anyone on our team. We actively encourage business reviews, we can can peer review your project, host site visits or come to you.

When you ask for a quote we will collaborate to establish what is important to you and work out the best price and manufacturing methods to suit. We are committed to fast lead times, cost reduction and individual customer support.

As a customer you will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager who will be available and responsive as your main point of call.  However, any member of the team will be happy to answer your questions or to discuss a project.

How we do it

Our working environment is relaxed but proactive. Corintech has a great track record for staff retention with many of our employees having over 10 years of service to our company. Our long term employees hold invaluable knowledge of the industry, products and services; a key benefit to our customers.

Corintech operates a very deliberate ‘hands-on’ approach; everyone receives training to understand the ins and outs of each department and is given opportunities to work within different teams and at different sites.  We have a highly trained team to create a multi-disciplined workforce, ensuring an efficient and flexible functioning company.  When we need to expand or when a vacancy arises we carefully seek out the right employees, finding approachable, high calibre people with a positive attitude. We strongly believe that happy, engaged employees make for happy, engaged customers.

Nothing is perfect. Sometimes errors occur but it’s how you resolve and learn from them that counts. By accepting them, communicating it effectively and working as a team to resolve any issues, we always aim to ensure you get what you need when you need it.

Our open and honest philosophy is adopted by all staff. Keeping good internal communication is key. We use a modern global database and MRP system which allows for transparency and synchronisation across all of Corintech's sites.

Remaining flexible is fundamental. Recognising that our customers are all different and have varying needs and requirements, we adapt our service accordingly.

You don’t need to fit in with us; we fit in with you.

Customer Feedback

"We have been dealing with Corintech as a key supplier for over 20 years and the service we receive is exceptional. Customer service is attentive, proactive and prompt and the product we procure from Corintech is manufactured to an extremely high standard plus their delivery performance is first rate."

Operations Director - Global Sensor Company


"Corintech have been a strong business partner with us for over 10 years and have not only proved reliable but have worked with us to reduce costs through their knowledge of low-cost sourcing. They have also been very supportive throughout a tough transition of our products to multiple UTC sites worldwide, and done so with professionalism and care."

Purchasing Manager - Leading Aerospace Company