Electronic Component Sourcing

PurchasingThe foundation to low-cost manufacturing is purchasing components at the lowest possible price. Your bill of materials (BOM) will be meticulously reviewed by our engineers and buyers. Are there any obsolescence issues? Can we make any changes to improve cost or performance? Are there any single-source or critical components within the assembly? Once the BOM analysis has taken place we use our global purchasing teams in the UK, HK and the USA to ensure we attain the best prices on the market.


The low costs we can offer are also coupled with a fully traceable purchasing system where required. Purchasing is carried out using only franchised distributors or we deal with the component manufacturer directly to ensure that the best opportunities are explored. We have the ability to hold high levels of component stock to ensure that rapid response and a truly flexible supply chain can be offered to our customers. Using our material requirements planning system, and a dedicated team able to expedite any request, we can ensure that customer needs will be met and where possible, exceeded.


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