June 2018 News Archive

Can You Handle the Heat?

Jun 27, 2018

The south of the UK has experienced some unusual temperature extremes in the last four months, from sub-zero temperatures and snow in March to blazing sunshine and almost 30°C heat over the last few days.

Whilst temperatures around 30°C may feel significant to the likes of me and you, Thick Film Hybrid circuits can perform optimally at any temperature up to ten times that...

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Six Design Considerations for Successful PCB Production and Assembly

Jun 25, 2018

Designers need to consider many aspects throughout the electronic product design process. As an electronics manufacturer, we often come across cases where production factors have been left to last and occasionally not considered at all. We thought that it would be helpful to pick our engineer’s brains for advice on PCB design for production and assembly. Here are six top tips to help...

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The Unbelievable Evolution of an Industry

Jun 20, 2018

Electronics permeate almost every aspect of our lives today. The coffee machine that woke you up with a perfect blend this morning. The smartphone that delivered today’s news, reminded you of that important meeting and then helped you to navigate your way there. The PC that forms the central hub of your daily work routine. The sensing and control systems in your car. The smart...

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