June 2015 News Archive

10 Top Tips for Teamwork

Jun 25, 2015

Teamwork appeals to me, I like being able to accomplish work more quickly and effectively compared to if I tried to go it alone. It is also a support network which when working well gets the best out of people. Effectively good team work can be seen as when people work together to achieve more than they could have by working individually.

Teamwork is a key attribute to our...

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How fast is Fast Turnaround

Jun 11, 2015

Depending on your point of view and the product in question, fast turnaround means different things to different people. It is all about an individual’s perception. How quickly the product is required is usually driven by the end customer. It could be a young lad wanting a PlayStation for Christmas, a surgeon waiting for more blood plasma at the operating table, or a PCB for a missile...

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