Quality Assurance with J-STD Workmanship

Sep 4, 2017

At Corintech, we have inspected electronic assembly to IPC 610 Class 3 for many years.

Our team of Operators and Engineers are currently working through a week-long training course to ensure IPC J-STD 001 certification. The program provides all the tools needed to increase employee skills and performance; and sets out the materials, methods and verification criteria for producing...

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Work Experience Week at Corintech

Jul 17, 2017

Last week we played host to three students from Burgate School in Salisbury, as part of their work experience projects. The students spent at least one day with each of the FilesThruTheAir, marketing and sales teams, learning what each department's roles are within the business. 


The students were given an overview of Sales and what each team member's job role is...

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Corintech Gives Back to the Local Community in Restoration of Vintage Cinema

Jul 7, 2017

A beautiful Art Deco cinema in our small town of Fordingbridge has been fantastically restored and re-opened to the community, with the help of Corintech. 

Corintech's owner and chairman, Brian Currie, purchased the site in 2016, wanting to benefit the community by giving something back. The building has been fully restored and transformed into a 30 seater cinema with an elegant...

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Students Spend the Day at Corintech

Jul 7, 2017

The Corintech office was visited this week by some students from South Wilts Grammar School for Girls, who spent the day in our marketing department. 

After showing the pupils around the site and giving them an insight into the business and its products, they conducted their own research into electronics manufacturing and designed their own artwork based around the company.

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Prototype PCB Assembly Services

May 23, 2017

Sometimes you need your electronics manufacturing partner to get something done quickly. Perhaps it’s a run of prototypes? Maybe you’re short on PCB assemblies for a pressing production order and need a fast turnaround response? We’re pleased to announce that, with hard work on our procedures and investment in equipment; we are now able to offer a rapid turnaround...

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Our New 3D Automatic Optical Inspection Machine Has Arrived

May 22, 2017

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) systems are often used in the manufacture of PCB as a highly efficient tool to test for failure and quality defects. A camera inside the machine thoroughly scans the PCB to visually inspect the level of manufacture, and can detect problems such as missing or misshapen components. AOI can be implemented at various stages of the manufacturing process, to...

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